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Derico Nwamama, Nigerian Bandit Life, Works and Death in 2001 by Bakaasi Boys

You might know him as Deri Nwamama or Derico Nwamama, there are same name used for one person whose real name was Okwudili Ndiwe that was bon in 1979.

Derick Nwamama is a very popular name in the criminal history of Nigeria as he terrorised the country along with his partner, Chiejina.

And present day, people use the name Deri when referring to a thief or and armrobber which is what Derico Nwamama is during his life.

Derico Nwamama was said to have started off as a pickpocket and street urchin in Anambra State Nigeria and with time grow very dangerously to a fearsome armed robber during the tenure of governor Chinwoke Mbadinuju of Anambra state.

Everybody feared Derico and his partner Chiejina at his youth age of 22 where he would  eob market women and banks and along being a robber, he killed many people in his life time including policemen and civilian.

In total, Derico Nwamama is said to have killed about 25 policemen and 100 civilians during his crime span until he was stopped by the Bakaasi boys in 2001.

The Criminal charge of Deri Nwamama was Genocide and Armed robbery and below is a list of his known robbery.

The robber of Derico Nwamama and this gang members

One of the major known crime of Derico Nwamama was the robbery he did to a luxurious bus with over 60 passengers moving people inter state. It was known that Deri and his gang robbed them dry of their belongings and other one was in the year, 2000 where he also attacked a 59-seater bus at the popular Upper Iweka road in Onitsha Anambra date Nigeria.

In the robbery of 59 seater bus at upper iwaka, Deri Nwamama attempted to kill all the passengers in the vehicle and nearly did as only 4 people survived the massacre.

During the reign of Derico Nwamama, they was fear in the state of Anambra and the governor of the state was trying all possible means to stop him but it was long and hard as Deri continue robbing people, market women, banks and carting away with millions of Naira and leaving many deaths at the scene.

Derico always boosted on his invincibility, that no man could kill him and it seems so when he joins/partners with another Anambra
deadliest armed robber Cheijina.

Chiejina was later killed by Deri Nwamama by gunshots and this follows the death of Derico Nwamama in 2001.

The death of Derico Nwamama in 2001

It was aid that Deri was more dangerous in his final days and after all trials by the Nigerian police force to nab Nwamama proved abortive that the angried governor Mbadinuju and some other state governors invented the paramilitary boys known as the Bakassi boys and the group was invited the Bakassi Boys to take over..

And on 3 July 2001, the Bakassi Boys ambushed Derico Nwamama after an intel that he was coming to Onitsha. He was intercepted at Nkpor, Anambra and apprehended with the help of the SARs operative and the Bakaasi Boys.

But Derico Nwamama was not killed untill 6 days later as the Nigerian Police requested for him to be handed to them but the Bakaasi Boys thought he won’t get justice so on 9 July 2001, the Bakassi Boys paraded him at the Ochanja market and beheaded him with a machete in public.



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